We act in the whole Door to Door process of imports, through fiscal benefits granted by the special Regime of ICMS, with exemption on imports. We have as methodology the personalized evaluation of the import cost, something that requires a lot of care and research to obtain the best conditions and concretization of the business type.

Services Provision

  • Fiscal Benefits
  • Tributary
  • Operational Import
  • Logistics

Fiscal Benefits

  • Optimization of imports for each Project of National Distribution;
  • Reduction of Operational Cost;
  • Reduction of the cash flow with exemption of ICMS in the imports;
  • Cost in the entrance of minor stock;
  • Greater Financial Gain;
  • Logistics Expansion;

Operational Import

  • Diversities in the modality of import, Account and Order IN 225-02 and order IN 634-06 and direct import;
  • We use techniques and mapping to validate the framing of fiscal classification of the product;
  • Verification of the conditions required by competent organs for the product to be able to be imported;
  • Personilized Service;
  • Feedback in Real Time;
  • Documental Menagement.


  • Management of services providers in the logistics chain;
  • Efficiency in the choice of ship-owner and agile transit time;
  • Inspection of the product at the origin;
  • Cargo lcl;
  • Adequate Packages;
  • General storage, IMO cargo handling, Reffer